Welcome to KBTS

Karen Baptist Theological Seminary (KBTS) is a Christian institution which produces approximately 100 Christian leaders every year and is affiliated to the Karen Baptist Convention. It has been established since 1845 and has produced more than 5000 Christian leaders to serve as pastors, Christian organizational leaders, and seminary teachers among the Karens as well as other ethnic groups in Myanmar.

The Karen Baptist Theological Seminary was formerly started as the 'Karen Theological Seminary' (for male student: founded in Moulmein (Mawlamyine) with thirteen male students) in 1845, and the 'Karen Women's Bible School' (for female students) in 1897. The two schools were started separately, that is, with classes held in different places at different periods of time.

Eventually, both schools were moved to their present location at seminary compound, engaging in educational work for many years. Realizing that the time was ripe for upgrading, the two schools made joint efforts and started offering the new programmes in 1973.

By the end of the (1985-1986) academic year, the two boards of trustees from the two schools were dissolved, and a new board of trustees was formed, merging the two schools into one under the name of the 'Kayin Baptist Theological Institute', now the Karen Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Karen Baptist Theological Seminary has very good relationship with other theological colleges in the country through the Karen Baptist Convention and Karen Baptist Convention Theological Association as well as the Higher Theological Education of the Myanmar Baptist Convention and the Association for Theological Education in Myanmar.

Aims & objectives

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To train Karen students and indigenous races for Christian ministry and service.

To impart sound knowledge in Scriptures and faith, and higher Theological Education for their ministry and service.

To cultivate evangelistic zeal and stimulate the students to active sharing of the Good News in their ministry and service.