Greetings to all members!

By the Grace of God it has been 166 years since our Karen Baptist Theological Seminary was established in 1845. We can find an all-around development and the progression of our school throughout the years despite trials and snares. Our Alumni council is organized for the purpose of strengthening and empowering relationship between the seminary and its former students as well as encouraging the growth of fellowship among the alumni themselves. Our mother seminary has produced altogether (6935) ministers. Some of them are serving God in their respective ministries when some have been called to their heavenly home. This is our prayer that the face of God will continue to shine upon you all forever.

The Activities of the Alumni Council
Alumni Council Committee Annual Meeting

Every year, our council has the annual meeting with the sub-committee, all alumni members and the representatives of 20 associations of the Karen Baptist Convention. Every single discussion is noted down and confirmed for the next mass meeting of the alumni. There are altogether 9 committee members in our alumni council.

    President : Thramu Ellen Bya (Pathein Myaung Mya Association)
    Vice-President : Thramu Khu Lar Paw (Bago Yangon Association)
    Principal : Rev.Dr. Hsa Mu Htaw
    Vice-Principal : Rev.Dr. Gler Taw
    Auditors : Rev. Gideon Taw and Thra Htoo Ni
    Accountant : Thramu Ta Ku Paw
    Council Director : Rev. Hset Pa
    Assistant to Director : Thra Moo Ka Baw

Representative of 20 Associations

    1. Rev. Gil Lay (Yangon Association)
    2. Rev. Hsa Eh Gay (Pathein Myaung Mya Association)
    3. Rev. Nathan (Pyi Thar Yar Waddy Association)
    4. Rev. Ta Nah Htoo (Hinthada Association)
    5. Thra Heh Ler (Hpaan Mawlamyine Association)
    6. Rev. Po The (Dawei Myeik Association)
    7. Rev. De Gaul (Myeik Association)
    8. Thra Lah Bwe Htoo (Kayah Mo Bwa Association)
    9. Rev. Isaac Peh Thu (Kayah Hpu Association)
    10. Rev. Marku (Upper Myanmar Association)
    11. Thramu Eh Mu Chit (Paku Association)
    12. Thramu Hsa Shee (Bwe Mo Bwa Association)
    13. Thramu Pree Paw (Keh Kho Keh Bar Association)
    14. Thra God Willer (Hsaw Htit Association)
    15. Thra Htoo Bwe Paw (Nyaung Lay Pin Association)
    16. Rev. Eh Mu Ka Baw (Hpa Pun Association)
    17. Thramu Khu Lar Paw (Bago Yangon Association)
    18. Rev. Lay Htoo (Kya Inn Association)
    19. Thra Hsa Eh Hsoe (Myaung Mya Association)
    20. Thra Eh Khu (SSKBMS)

Representatives from Other Countries

    1. Australia – Thra Ther Ray (Eastern), Thra Eh Htee Kaw (Western)
    2. Europe – Rev La Sein Oo (Finland), Thramu Eh Mwee (Netherland)
    3. Canada – Thra Bameral
    4. USA – Thramu Htoo May, Thramu Tah Blut Moo, Thramu Moo Ka Baw, Thra Hsa Gay Doh Htee, Thra Hta Ral, Rev. Tha Hser, Thra Timothy
    5. Thailand – Thra Edmund, Rev. Saw Htoo, Thra Ma Ser, Thramu Po Mu Har, Thra Roland
    6. Singpore and Malaysia – Rev. Augustus

Honoring the Alumni

There is also a program to honor the alumni who have been in service for 50, 40 and 25 years respectively. Member of Outstanding Christian Service Award is also presented to the distinguished alumni.

Membership Announcement

Every year, the Alumni Council collects 2,000 kyats from each alumnus. Half of the collection goes to the seminary and the other half goes to the activities of the alumni council. We need the support of alumni members for our L-shaped mission training centre. We need at least 100,000kyats from each of our alumni members. This is our request to you all. We would like to thank the members who have contributed for the mission training centre. This is one of the activities of our alma mater and we need your prayer, advice, and support whether you are in the country or abroad. The council has annual magazine and a newsletter which is published three times a year for better communication and relationship.